The First Amendment and Criminal Defense

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“Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech.” Most of us know that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution provides for the freedom of speech and either hold the right to free speech dearly or take it for granted. The he importance of this right is amplified by years of United […]

Real Crime Dramas in US History: The Boston Massacre Trials

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You’ve heard of the Boston Massacre but did you know that a founding father and president of the United States put his popularity and reputation on the line to defend the accused British killers? Enjoy this real crime drama in US History and the story of John Adams and the Boston Massacre Trials. Facts of the Case: […]

5 Things NOT to Do if You Get Arrested

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It is an unfortunate fact that many citizens of the freest nation on the planet are simply not aware of their God-given rights that upheld by the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As a result, suspects (even the innocent ones) in criminal and DWI matters often incriminate themselves in a variety of […]

More NJ Counties Instituting Veterans Diversionary Programs

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In one of Governor Christie’s final initiatives, New Jersey has joined a majority of other states in an effort to provide treatment to troubled veterans who have been charged with crimes. The Veteran Diversionary Program will be a great option for individuals who were enlisted in the military and are first-time offenders who have been […]

Changes to NJ Expungement Law Relax, Broaden the Process

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Thanks to recent 2016 amendments to New Jersey’s expungement laws, more people are able to have past criminal and arrest records erased. In this day and age, even a minor incident involving law enforcement from years (or even decades) ago, can bar individuals from job opportunities and promotions, educational pursuits, and ownership of firearms. As […]

DUI of the Tiger: Understanding Woods’ DUI Charges and Options

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DUI of the Tiger: Understanding Woods’ DUI Charges and Options

On May 29, America awoke to national news headlines screaming about Tiger Woods’ early morning driving under the influence arrest in Florida. Initial reports confirmed that Woods had no alcohol in his system, but rather a cocktail of prescription drugs. The toxicology report confirmed that he had taken a mix of muscle relaxants and painkillers […]

McGuckin Law in the [Kindergarten] Classroom

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McGuckin Law in the [Kindergarten] Classroom

McGuckin Law had the privilege to speak at career day on June 8th before Mrs. Nemeth’s Kindergarten class at St. Aloysius. Despite having the disadvantage of going after fathers and mothers with cool careers (and better props) like police officers and construction workers, the bright young minds of Mrs. Nemeth’s class grasped intricate concepts of […]

DWI Checkpoints “Ramped Up” Thanksgiving Weekend in Monmouth & Ocean Counties

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Call an UBER! According to this Asbury Park Press report, Monmouth and Ocean County residents can expect “ramped up” DWI security checkpoints across the respective counties as well as aggressive police patrol on the lookout for erratic or distracted drivers. These aggressive measures will be taken in response to ten fatal accidents statewide over Thanksgiving weekend one […]

3 Proven Strategies to Fight Your NJ DWI in 2017

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You were pulled over somewhere in or around Ocean County, forced out of your car “because the officer smelled alcohol emanating from the interior passenger compartment of the vehicle”, stumbled through the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests that include the walk-and-turn, one-leg stand, and horizontal gaze nystagmus (follow the pen light), cuffed, brought to the station, […]

Arrested for Marijuana Possession in Ocean County?

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Have you been arrested for possession of marijuana in Toms River, Jackson, Brick, Seaside, Lacey or any other Ocean County town? Here’s what you need to know. Do I Need a Lawyer for Marijuana Possession? Good question. Assuming that this is your first offense and the amount that was found on you was less than […]