If you are reading this site, then you or a loved one might be facing a Driving While Intoxicated, Drug DUI or Refusal charge in Jackson, New Jersey. Our state is among the most aggressive in the country when it comes to prosecuting individuals who have been charged with drunk driving, and Jackson has among New Jersey’s highest DWI conviction rates. This is largely due to the township’s sheer size, geography, and also the presence of major roadways that pass through the state and connect western New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the Jersey Shore. State troopers and Jackson officers aggressively monitor traffic flowing on and around I- 195, and are quick to engage in traffic stops and even DWI checkpoints.

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Penalties for a DWI in Jackson NJ

If you were arrested or charged for a first offense DWI in Jackson, then you are facing a 7-12 month loss of license, thousands of dollars in fines, mandatory alcohol counseling, and even the possibility of jail and the installation of an ignition interlock device. The penalties are heightened if you are facing a second offense DWI, third offense DUI, Refusal, or DUI in a School Zone. Take some time to understand the penalties and form a game plan. Your matter will be heard in Jackson Township Municipal Court. McGuckin Law is here to answer all of your questions at 732.924.4200.

Arrested for a DWI in Jackson… Now What?

First, calm down. A DWI arrest is a serious, traumatic and embarrassing event. You have undoubtedly read the severe penalties outlined in New Jersey’s DUI Statute that are associated with a first, second, or third DWI offense or Refusal. The potential loss of license is a scary prospect if you have a job or are a student. In addition to the court-imposed sentencing, you are nervous about the additional inconveniences and damaged reputation that are associated with a DWI conviction. You are not alone. A DWI is a significant mistake, but a sound legal defense may mitigate or even absolve the consequences. For more information on your DUI visit our DWI Resource Center.

Jackson NJ DUI Lawyer

At McGuckin Law, we pride ourselves on an aggressive, diligent, and caring approach to defending clients facing Jackson Refusal, Underage DWI, Drug DUI, or DWI in a School Zone charges. New Jersey law governing Driving While Intoxicating explicitly prohibits plea-bargaining these types of cases in an effort to secure a downgraded charge. As a result, a skilled DWI lawyer must attack the State’s case against you. We do this in a variety of ways. First, we look to the validity of the initial traffic stop. If the arresting officer lacked the probable cause to pull you over, then the arrest was unlawful. Next, we utilize various discovery items to scrutinize the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. If the officer failed to adhere to the strict protocol governing SFSTs, then the arrest may be invalid. Finally, we use our experience and knowledge of the Alcotest 7110 to determine whether the Jackson Police or NJ Troopers failed to correctly administer or calibrate the machine. This may result in the disqualification of your breath reading and a downgraded charge.

As you can see, the best DUI defense is a skilled, aggressive offense!

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