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Are you dealing with the aftermath of an arrest, or facing charges from a DWI, Disorderly Conduct, or major traffic violation in Allenhurst Boro? McGuckin Law has your back. We represent clients charged in Allenhurst Boro and throughout Monmouth County with criminal and serious traffic offenses, such as Driving While Intoxicated, Simple Assault, Heroin Possession and Distribution, Harassment, Driving While Suspended, Aggravated Assault, Disorderly Conduct, and Domestic Violence. Allenhurst Boro, contributes to a collection of up-scale communities on the New Jersey Coastline in Monmouth County. The Police are on the lookout for intoxicated drivers on the road heading home from the shore, or leaving the train station after a day in the city. It is important that you choose a legal team that is experienced, local and aware of what you are dealing with to best represent you in the court of law. Feel free to browse our site and let us know how we can help you. Contact us directly for a free consultation at 732.924.4200

Allenhurst Borough DWI Lawyer

New Jersey does not take DWI charges lightly. Allenhurst Boro Law Enforcement Officers understand that many drivers passing through their town are under the influence. As such, they are on the active lookout for telltale signs of drunk driving, while the court is ready to prosecute drunk drivers and related offenders for:

  • Refusal
  • Drug DUI
  • Second and Third Offense
  • Refusal
  • Underage DUI

Penalties related to these offenses include fines, license suspension, substance abuse counseling, an ignition interlock device and jail time. If you are fighting a DWI, don’t do it alone. Call McGuckin Law today for a free consultation on how to prepare for success at 732.924.4200, or visit our Monmouth County DUI Resource Center today.

Allenhurst NJ Disorderly Conduct Lawyers 

Disorderly conduct is a “blanket charge” that covers a wide range of acts, such as fighting and loud behavior. The vagueness of this statute has made it a favorite add-on charge for officers, often going hand-in-hand with public intoxication, trespass, lewdness, simple assault and resisting arrest. The active nightlife on the shore make Allenhurst Boro a hotspot for Disorderly Conduct charges. At McGuckin Law, we know how to attack, downgrade and dismiss these charges. For more information on how we can help, please visit our Allenhurst Boro Disorderly Conduct page or Jersey Shore Disorderly Conduct Resource Center today.

Allenhurst NJ Driving While Suspended Attorney

We assist clients who are charged with NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Offenses and other serious traffic offenses such as Reckless Driving, Driving While Suspended, Driving without Insurance, Speeding and Leaving the Scene of an Accident. Our focus at McGuckin Law is to reduce or dismiss these charges in order to prevent common consequences such as point accumulation, revocation of driving privileges and jail time. If you or a loved one are facing an Administrative MVC Suspension, we will demand a Magistrate Hearing at the MVC to fight on your behalf. If the law is aggressive in pursuing you, your legal team should be aggressively there to defend you. Contact us directly to learn about our tried and proven methods to defending your rights and interest.

Allenhurst Borough Municipal Court

The honorable Paul Caporto resides over Allenhurst Borough Municipal Court. When coming to Allenhurst Borough Municipal Court, make sure you are prepared to be there for a large portion of the day. Allenhurst Borough Municipal Court is located at 125 Corlies Ave, Allenhurst NJ, 07711, and in session on the first and third Thursday of each month, beginning at 4:00 PM on the second floor of Borough Hall. Please dress accordingly, as this will help us present you as the upstanding citizen that you are. The court can be reached at 732.531.3217

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