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If you or a loved one were arrested in Bradley Beach Borough and are facing charges for criminal or traffic offenses including Disorderly Conduct, Domestic Violence, Aggravated Assault, or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, call McGuckin Law at 732.924.4200.

McGuckin Law represents clients charged in Bradley Beach Borough and throughout Monmouth County with criminal and serious traffic offenses such as DWI, Driving without Insurance, Simple Assault, Possession of a CDS in a School Zone, Identity Theft, Driving While Suspended, Shoplifting, Disorderly Conduct, and Harassment. These charges and others are a great source of anxiety and can create uncertainty and panic. Please review the information on our website for more information regarding your case and feel free to reach out to our local office at your convenience at 732.924.4200 for a free consultation.

Bradley Beach Borough Simple Assault Attorney

A criminal charge such as Aggravated Assault, Robbery, Possession of a Weapon, Harassment, Possession of Heroin or Marijuana Distribution, and Resisting Arrest are all serious offenses in the State of New Jersey. The penalties for these charges vary depending on whether they are of the first, second, third or fourth degree or disorderly persons offenses. Bradley Beach Borough indictable cases to the Monmouth County Superior Court where the client is entitled to a trial by jury. Just as the prosecution holds you accountable for your actions we demand the same from the state. We will review all the evidence the State plans to use against you and be ready to file a motion if that evidence is insufficient. Furthermore we will work to determine your eligibility for various Diversionary Programs and avoid the harsh penalties associated with crimes of this stature. Finally, if dismissal or significant downgrade is not reached, we will prepare to aggressively fight your case at trial. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges , call McGuckin Law at 732.924.4200. We will give your case the customized attention it deserves and work tirelessly to achieve a successful outcome.

Bradley Beach Driving While Suspended Attorney

Bradley Beach Borough law enforcement dishes out a large serving of traffic violations each year. At McGuckin Law, we take great pride in our ability to help our local clients take on these charges with the intent to dismiss or reduce them. Major traffic tickets are penalized with steep fines, points, and loss of driving privileges. If you or a loved one is facing traffic offenses like this, or others, such as Speeding, Driving Without Insurance, Reckless Driving, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, or Failure to Observe a Traffic Signal, call McGuckin Law today at 732.924.4200.

Bradley Beach Heroin Possession Lawyer

Were you or a loved one charged with Possession of Drugs such as Cocaine, Oxycontin, Prescription Drugs, Marijuana or Drug Paraphernalia in Bradley Beach? At McGuckin Law, our goal is to help you fight and beat this charge. We can also work with the prosecution to determine your eligibility for a diversionary program like conditional discharge. Depending upon the type and amount of the substance involved, these cases will be heard either in Bradley Beach Municipal Court or Monmouth County Superior Court in Freehold.

At McGuckin Law, we represent various criminal and traffic offenses. This includes all drug and other related charges such as Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance and Possession of over 50 grams of Marijuana and Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance with the Intent to Distribute in a School Zone or Public Park. If you or a loved one are facing drug related  charges in Bradley Beach, check out the Monmouth County Drug Crime Resource Center, or give us a call at 732.924.4200 for a free consultation.

Bradley Beach Borough Municipal Court

The honorable Judge Paul Capotorto presides over the Municipal Court in Bradley Beach Borough. It is suggested that individuals arrive on time to court on the day of their hearing, dressed in presentable manner. When planning your day it is best to assume the possibility of spending the better part of a day at the court. The Court is located at 701 Main Street, Bradley Beach NJ, 07720 and can be reached directly at 732.776.2999 (ext. 1045). Court is in session starting at 3pm, directions can be found using the link provided below.

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While you are scrolling through these pages, hopefully you are beginning to feel better about the potential outcome of your case. That is what they are here for. At McGuckin Law we understand how physically and emotionally taxing this process can be and that our clients just want to get their troubles behind them. We are firm believers in our clients right to being “innocent until proven guilty,” and work hard to maintain your innocence and good standing in the eyes of the law. For a free consultation call us today at 732.924.4200.

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