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Credit card fraud is a 3rd Degree indictable offense in the state of New Jersey. This means that credit card fraud, or fraudulent use of a credit card charges will be heard in the superior court in the county in which the offense occurred. McGuckin Law handles all theft, fraud, and crimes of moral turpitude throughout Ocean, Monmouth and Middlesex Counties. If you or a loved one has been charged with credit card fraud in Toms River, Freehold, Brick, Holmdel, New Brunswick, Edison, Lacey, Wall Township, Middletown or Jackson, you are exposed to 3-5 years in New Jersey State Prison upon conviction.

In New Jersey, credit card fraud is often accompanied by credit card theft charges. Credit card theft is also an indictable offense of the 3rd or 4th degree. If the state finds a stolen credit card in your possession or has probable cause to believe that your fraudulently used a credit card, you can also be charged with credit card theft.

Toms River NJ Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

A credit card fraud charge is a life changing event. You are undoubtedly anxious and fearful about the future and actively trying to determine the right course of action. A felony conviction can have lasting implications including loss of job or educational opportunities, issues with child custody, and immigration consequences if you are not a US citizen.

McGuckin Law has successfully handled a wide array of theft and fraud charges throughout New Jersey including credit card fraud. From the time of your free consultation to the best possible resolution of your case, we will work closely with you to build a customized case strategy to meet your needs. We will challenge the state’s proofs and explore diversionary programs and remands, and if necessary, prepare for trial. Our experienced, local, caring defense is at your service. Call 732.924.4200 for a free consultation.

NJ Credit Card Fraud Statute

Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card in N.J.S.A. 2C:21-6h:

A person who knowingly uses any counterfeit, fictitious, altered, forged, lost, stolen or fraudulently obtained credit card to obtain money, goods or services, or anything else of value; or who, with unlawful or fraudulent intent, furnishes, acquires, or uses any actual or fictitious credit card, whether alone or together with names of credit cardholders, or other information pertaining to a credit card account in any form, is guilty of a crime of the third degree.

What are the Penalties for Credit card Fraud in New Jersey?

As you can see, credit card fraud is a third-degree crime in New Jersey. If you are a first-time offender there is a presumption against incarceration in your case. If you have a record, you are exposed to 5 years in prison and thousands in fines. Either way, you are looking at a felony conviction that will negatively impact the rest of your life. Get ahead of this and hire an attorney who will work with you for the best possible outcome. Call us anytime at 732.924.4200 for a free consultation.

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