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Eatontown is a very busy and highly populated area. Many travellers come through Eatontown on their way to the beach, or to spend time at the mall or other local attractions. Given its high rate of traffic, the local police department is very active and the court is ready to prosecute whatever cases come their way. If you or a loved one have been arrested in Eatontown or charged with Theft, Driving under the Influence, or Driving while Suspended, call McGuckin Law today. McGuckin Law represents clients charged in Eatontown Boro and throughout Monmouth County with Criminal and Serious Traffic Offenses, such as Criminal Mischief, Simple Assault, Refusal to Submit to a Breathalyzer, Underage DUI, Shoplifting, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Marijuana Distribution and Aggravated Assault. At McGuckin Law, we know what you are going through and your success resolution is our number one priority. We are on call 24/7. Give us a call at 732.924.4200 to see how we can back you up today.

Eatontown Borough Shoplifting Lawyer

Theft can sound pretty scary, and depending on what you do for work, or what your dreams are, a charge like this one can really deter you from reaching your goals. Many employers, or state certifications require a record clean of theft. At McGuckin Law, we understand this, which is why we fight to downgrade or dismiss charges every time. Theft Charges can fall into one of two categories, de[ending on their severity. What many understand as either Misdemeanors, or Felonies are known in New Jersey, as Disorderly Persons (Misdemeanor), or an Indictable (Felony) Offense. Factors that can slide a charge one way or the other include, value of the taken property, whether another criminal offense occurred simultaneously, and whether the defendant is a first time, or habitual offender.

Shoplifting of less than $200 (Disorderly Persons)

Shoplifting >$200, up to $500 (4thDegree Indictable Offense)

Shoplifting >$500, up to $75,000 (3rdDegree Indictable Offense)

Shoplifting > $75,000, or more (2ndDegree Indictable Offense)

Penalties for shoplifting and other theft offenses are severe, even those for Disorderly Persons Offenses. If you or a loved one are facing charges in Eatontown Borough for criminal offenses such as Robbery, Credit Card Fraud, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, or Harassment, it is important that you face these charges head on with the support of a firm with a documented history of success and the experience to take advantage of whatever options you have at your disposal. Don’t wait, call McGuckin Law today to get out as far ahead of this thing as possible at 732.924.4200.

Eatontown Borough DUI Attorney

In New Jersey, Driving Under the Influence applies to any driver found operating a vehicle with a BAC or Blood Alcohol Content of .08% or higher. Lower BAC limits apply to Commercial Drivers (.04%) and those drivers under the legal drinking age (.01%). Penalties for drinking and driving are serious and include fines, loss of license, jail time, mandatory intoxicated driver resource center (IDRC) hours, and the installation of an ignition interlock device (IID). The State of New Jersey does not recognize the right to probationary licenses, so it is important that you have a strong defense. At McGuckin Law, we are well versed in fighting the State’s case and will attack the traffic stop, the field sobriety test and the breath sample taken. If you or a loved one are facing charges in Eatontown Borough for DUI or other related charges such as Underage DUI, Second or Third DUI, Refusal to Submit to a Breath Test, call us today at 732.924.4200 to find out how we can help you beat or downgrade your case. For more information, please visit the Monmouth County DUI Resource Center.

Eatontown Borough Driving While Suspended Lawyer

Given the traffic, Eatontown Borough is a high-ticket area. It is very common to see or hear the lights and sirens on the way to the mall, DMV, or passing through on the way to Pier Village in Long Branch. If you or a loved one is facing a serious traffic offense in Eatontown Borough such as Driving While Suspended, Reckless Driving, Speeding, Leaving the Scene of an Accident or Failure to Maintain Lanes, or are facing an administrative suspension from the NJ MVC, we can help. Call us today to review your case and see what our best course of action is. We can be reached anytime at 732.924.4200.

Eatontown Borough Municipal Court

Eatontown Borough hears cases in the Tinton Falls Municipal Court, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 8:30 am, to 4:30 pm. The court is located at 556 Tinton Avenue, Tinton Falls, NJ, 07724 and can be reached directly at 732.389.7612. When coming to court, plan on spending the entire day, just in case. For directions, see the link below.

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