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I met Stephen after I found myself in some legal trouble that could have turned out extremely bad due to my inexperience with criminal matters. I got a ton of mail from other law firms offering me their assistance but it all seemed like ambulance chasing to me, so I decided to check with the internet. I described my problem and was pointed to a few names. I was so scared about my situation I was losing sleep so needless to say I did this search at night after business hours. I did not want to wait till the morning so I gave a couple of the referrals a call and left a message but when I called Stephen’s number he answered, think about that a lawyer at home, answering his phone for a non-client. that was all it took for me, he spent time that evening assuring me things would be OK. His fee was reasonable and he was there for me every step of the way. He has resolved my case saved my reputation and I would recommend him to anyone who not only needs legal help but also someone who cares about the outcome and you. Stephen is truly one of a kind attorney.

Donald, Tinton Falls NJ
My family hired Mr. McGuckin to help my mentally ill mother stay out of jail. My mother was charged with eluding a police officer and other serious charges due to her mental illness causing her to do so. Not only was Mr. McGuckin very understanding and flexible with my family’s finances and payments, but he also went way out of his way to make sure my mother received justice and helped the court understand that my mother was incompetent to stand trial.

Mr. McGuckin is a truly caring lawyer who takes pride in his cases and really wants to help people in need. My mother’s case was not an easy case to solve but Mr. McGuckin was able to get it done while helping my family and I cope with the situation, financially and mentally.

I would highly recommend Mr. McGuckin to anyone in need of a great lawyer!

Jay, Toms River NJ
I cannot say anything bad about Steve. He was always very straightforward and honest with me regarding my case. He went to bat for me and I ended up with the best possible outcome, given the circumstances. To be given peace of mind while dealing with legal trouble made this whole process way easier. Steve always got in touch with me prior to my court dates and kept me up to date as to what to expect. In the end, I was VERY pleased with his services. If you find yourself being charged with a DUI in the Ocean County area of NJ, calling this guy will benefit you in the end. Polite, professional, and diligent are three words to describe Steve. Thank you again, Steve, for your help.

Andrew, Ship Bottom NJ
Stephen worked very hard on my case and had a relationship with the prosecutor and judge in Sayreville. I was very happy with the outcome and I would definitely recommend him to everyone! If you’re looking for an attorney that will give you they’re all you found him. Thanks, Stephen for everything!

Casey, Sayreville NJ
Steve is a lawyer who follows the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated! Steve did a world-class job for me and kept me informed along the way about what to expect with my case. The communication was outstanding and I’m sure that I got the best possible outcome by using his services. Highly recommended!

June 14, 2017,

By far Steve is the best lawyer. Our back was up against the wall dealing with a restraining order and things weren’t looking too good but Steve never gave up. Thanks to his hard work things worked in our favor. Hopefully, we won’t ever need a lawyer again but if we did Stephen McGuckin is the one to call to get the job done.


November 7, 2016

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